About Liz


Beginning Backpacker is written by blogger, hiker, backpacker and dog lover Liz Claflin.  It is geared towards new or newer backpackers with the goal of providing a one-stop-shop for obtaining clear, concise and USEFUL information about backpacking without the hype and misleading information often provided by traditional outlets (i.e., paid product placement editorial content).

Liz is not a professional backpacker but enjoys  it whenever she can as a serious hobby (along with day hiking regularly).  She is also a research junkie and has put in the “miles” trying out various pieces of gear, reading everything she can get her hands on, planning her own trips from top to bottom (including dehydrating her own food!) and making the mistakes so you don’t have to!

Liz is married to her husband, Brian, and has one stepson and a double-stepdaughter (it’s complicated).  She lives in gorgeous Northern California and has a dog, a cat and a bunny.  In her past lives she was a PR expert, a cop, a detective, a community relations guru, a professional dog trainer, a consultant and franchise owner, and ops manager for a private autopsy company, senior analyst for a municipal government agency and, most recently, the director of operations at a national dog training franchise.

In addition to planning her own trips either solo or with friends and family, Liz also runs a meetup.com group for female backpackers living in the California Bay Area called the Bay Area Backpacking Bettys.

Liz would love to hear from you!  Use the comments section on the various blog posts or hit her up via email at [email protected]

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